Omnigrad S TMT142R
RTD thermometer, fieldtransmitter display


Safe monitoring of process temperatures in challenging applications e. g. in the Oil & Gas industry

The robust thermometer is designed for use in demanding and safety relevant applications e.g. in the Chemical, Oil & Gas and Energy industry. The thermometer fulfills the corresponding safety requirements due to various certificates and tests. The use of a transmitter leads to higher accuracy and reliability in comparison to directly wired sensors.

  • Fördelar

    • HART® protocol for operating the device on site using handheld terminal (DXR375) or remotely via the PC

    • Illuminated display, rotatable

    • Single Pt100 with 3 or 4 wires connection

    • Undervoltage detection responds immediately, output of falsified measured...

  • Applikationsområde

    The temperature assembly TMT142R from the Omnigrad S family is a compact resistance thermometer specifically designed to fulfill the requirements of different process industries such as the chemical, petrochemical and energy but even suitable to other...

Funktioner och specifikationer



  • Mätprincip

    Resistance Temperature Detector

  • Characteristic / Application

    US style

    modular temperature assembly

    for heavy duty applications

    suitable for hazardous areas

    threaded process connection

    to use with thermowell

    backlit display

  • Terminal head

    TMT142 - aluminium - fieldhousing w. or w/o. display

    TMT142 - SS - fieldhousing w. or w/o. display

  • Thermowell / protection tube

    to use with thermowell

  • Insert / probe

    mineral insulated (MI), flexible

  • Max. immersion length on request

    up to 30.000,00 mm (1.181,10'')

  • Material protection tube/ thermowell

    Not defined

  • Optional coating

    Not defined

  • Process connection

    male thread:




    union nut:



  • Operating temperature range

    PT 100:

    -200 °C ...600 °C

    (-328 °F ...1.112 °F)

  • Max. process pressure (static)

    Depending on thermowell

  • Accuracy

    class A acc. to IEC 60751

    class AA acc. to IEC 60751

  • Response time

    depending on configuration

    t50 = 3 s

    t90 = 7 s

  • Integration head transmitter

    yes (4 … 20 mA; HART)

  • Ex - approvals


    Explosion proof

  • Certification

    Gost Metrology

Dokumentation / manualer / programvara

Tillbehör / reservdelar

Order code
  • 8
  • 6
  • 2
    • Nr 2 Order code 71310423

      Display fitt.kit field housing (3 piece)

      Pack = 3 piece

  • 5
    • Nr 5 Order code TMT142X-HH

      Housing cover blind, Alu Ex d FM XP without O-ring CSA XP only as cover of terminal part

    • Nr 5 Order code TMT142X-HI

      Housing cover blind, Alu + O-ring

    • Nr 5 Order code TMT142X-HK

      Housing cover cpl. for display, Alu Ex d + O-ring

    • Nr 5 Order code TMT142X-HL

      Housing cover cpl. for display, Alu + O-ring

  • 7
    • Nr 7 Order code 51004948

      Cover latch spares kit field housing

      Screw, washer, spring washer

  • 2+3
  • 9
    • Order code FXA195-

      Commubox FXA195

      Modem to connect HART field devices to a computer via USB. Commissioning of field devices with software tool. :: To connect to a intrinsically safe signal circuit. :: SIL2, IEC61508.

    • Order code TET300-

      RTD Insert TET300

      Replaceable Insert (MgO). Connection to EEx d head with NPT1/2. Diameter: D=6mm.

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