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Billing Municipal and Industrial Wastewater

Assure legal compliance of material loads and reliable billing of wastewater

Industrial, commercial and municipal wastewater is often heavily contaminated. It has to go through several cleaning processes in wastewater treatment plants before it can be discharged into a river. The wastewater laws enacted by the legislator therefore regulate numerous parameters that are relevant for protecting the environment and calculating the wastewater charges – for example:

Picture of an outflow from a clarifier in a wastewater treatment plant ©Endress+Hauser

  • Characteristic values ​​for water quality

  • Prescriptive limits

  • Concentrations or maximum pollution loads

In addition, the water authorities check whether all legal requirements are complied with when operating wastewater treatment plants – including inflow and outflow. Netilion Water Network Insights ensures that you have an overview at any time – whether in the field or in your control center.

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  • Correct allocation and billing of costs based on incoming wastewater volume and quality

  • Reliable control of the legally stipulated water quality in the effluent of wastewater treatment plants by means of devices for liquid analysis

  • Minimized risk of damage to organic processes in a wastewater treatment plant through monitoring of certain substance concentrations in the inlet

  • Optimal process control by measuring the quality and quantity of the wastewater inflow

  • Reliable compliance with legal requirements and statutory limits through recording of measured values around the clock