Modular TC thermometer, US style

Product picture thermocouple thermometer TH53 ©Endress+Hauser

Best in class temperature measurement technology for general applications

The high modular thermometer is used for several applications with harsh environments, e.g. in power plants, refineries or in the chemical or petrochemical industry. The robust device with barstock thermowell and different head transmitter is a complete unit ready for use with enhanced measurement accuracy and reliability. A variety of process connections, dimensions and materials, like SS316, INCONEL600, Hastelloy C276, Titan or Monel, offer flexible application possibilities.

  • Fördelar

    • One source shopping for temperature measurement solutions. World class transmitter with integrated sensor offering for heavy process industry applications.

    • Remove and install straight out of the box!

    • Improved galvanic isolation on most devices (2 kV).

    • ...

  • Applikationsområde

    The TH53 temperature sensors are thermocouple assemblies installed in thermowells and designed for use in all types of process industries, including heavy industries, due to their rugged design. They are made up of a magnesium oxide insulated...

Funktioner och specifikationer



  • Mätprincip


  • Characteristic / Application

    US style

    modular temperature assembly

    universal range of application

    threaded process connection

    with extension

    incl. thermowell / protection tube (metal)

  • Terminal head

    TA20J - SS - deep-drawn w. or w/o. display

    TMT162 - aluminium - fieldhousing w. or w/o. display

    TMT142 - aluminium - fieldhousing w. or w/o. display

    TU401 - Alu - screwed cover w. chain

    PP plastic - screwed cover w. chain - FDA listed material

    Alu - fliptop

  • Thermowell / protection tube

    bar stock (drilled)

  • Insert / probe

    mineral insulated (MI), flexible

  • Outer diameter protection tube

    3/4'' (19,05 mm)

    7/8'' (22,23 mm)

    1'' (25,40 mm)

    17/16'' (26,99 mm)

    0,63'' ...1,31'' (15,88 mm ... 33,40 mm)

  • Max. immersion length on request

    up to 2.743 mm (108,00'')

  • Material protection tube/ thermowell

    1.4401 (316)

  • Process connection

    male thread:




    weld in version

  • Tip shape




  • Surface roughness Ra

    1,6 μm (63,0 μin.)

  • Operating temperature range

    Type T:

    -270 °C ...370 °C

    (-454 °F ...698 °F)

    Type J:

    -210 °C ...720 °C

    (-346 °F ...1.328 °F)
    Type E:

    -270 °C ...820 °C

    (-454 °F ...1.508 °F)

    Type K:

    -270 °C ... 1.150 °C

    (-454 °F ...2.102 °F)

    Type N:

    -270 °C ... 1.150 °C

    (-454 °F ...2.102 °F)

  • Max. process pressure (static)

    at 20 °C: 100 bar (1.450 psi)

  • Accuracy

    class 1 acc. to IEC 60584

    class 2 acc. to IEC 60584

  • Response time

    depending on configuration

    63% rt = 15 s

  • Ex - approvals


    FM IS

    CSA IS


  • Certification

    SIL (transmitter only)

Dokumentation / manualer / programvara

Tillbehör / reservdelar

Order code
    • Order code 71386275
    • Order code 71044062

      Fixing kit cpl.TMT82/84/85 USA(american)

      2x screws, 1x sealing CDI-connector

    • Order code TMT162A-MA

      Mounting bracket,North American region standard model,stainl.steel wall/tube 2"

    • Order code TMT162A-MB

      NPT 1/2"cable gland,North American region standard model,2xD0.5 cables

    • Order code TMT162A-MD

      Mounting bracket 2"tube V4A

    • Order code 52028179

      Gasket 67.5x2.9x1.5 VMQ/PTFE, 5 pieces

      Profile gasket cover. Usage: housing F15 stainless steel.

    • Order code 60017971

      Display LC for TA20J

    • Order code 71043745

      Housing filter plastic F15, 3 pieces

      Consists of: filter plug plastic, Pressure compensation filter, O-ring. Usage: housing F15. Non Ex.

    • Order code 51006845

      Cable gland NPT1/2, D4.5-8.5 IP68

    • Order code 51007995

      Mounting bracket SS316L, tube 1,5-3"

    • Order code 71310423

      Display fitt.kit field housing (3 piece)

      Pack = 3 piece

    • Order code TMT142X-DA

      Display + fitting kit + twist protection

  • F
  • F
  • A
    • Nr A Order code TU121-

      TC-Insert TU121, Gen.Purp. U.S.Style

      Spare part. Thermocouple Insert spring loaded. Thermocouple comply with EMF tables of ASTM E-230 and IEC60584. Color codes per ASTM E-230.

  • F
    • Nr F Order code TA30H-

      Terminal Head TA30H

      Retainer for terminal block or head transmitter + optional display. Design: explosion proof. Cover: screwed, optional window. Material: aluminium. Coating: polyester powder-coating. Colour: body blue, cover grey. Ambient temp.: -50 150 oC (housing). Protection: IP66/68, NEMA 4X (housing). Protection Ex d/XP: IP66/67 (housing).

    • Order code TMT82-

      iTEMP TMT82, Transmitter HART

      2-wire temperature transmitter. Dual universal sensor input. Galvanic isolation 2kV (input/output). Application: RTD, TC, Ohm and mV. ::Highly reliable due to drift detection and sensor back up. ::Optional also for safety critical applications by means of SIL 2/3 acc. to IEC61508.

    • Order code TMT84-

      iTEMP TMT84, Transmitter PA

      Dual sensor input. Advanced diagnostics:sensor monitoring. PROFIBUS PA Profile 3.02. Galvanic isolation 2kV. Application: RTD, TC, Ohm, mV. Current consumption: 11 mA. Mounting: head form B, DIN EN50446. Factory setup: CH1: Pt100, 3-wire, oC. CH2: inactive. Differing configuration optional selectable.

  • B
    • Nr B Order code TU51-

      Thermowell TU51, Weld-in U.S.Style

      Bar stock Thermowell, CRN Number.

  • D
    • Nr D Order code TU52-

      Thermowell TU52, Socked Weld U.S.Style

      Bar stock Thermowell, CRN Number.

  • C
    • Nr C Order code TU53-

      Thermowell TU53, Screw-In U.S.Style

      Bar stock Thermowell, CRN Number.

    • Order code TID10-

      Display for head transmitter TID10

      to plug on. Dot-Matrix measured value display. 12 DIP-switches buttom side. Settings: FF: Simulation, Write Lock. PA: Bus address, Write Lock. Compatible: TMT85, TMT84, TMT82.

  • F
  • F
    • Order code TMT162E-

      Electronic TMT162

    • Order code TMT162G-

      Housing TMT162

    • Order code TMT181-

      iTEMP TMT181, Head Transmitter PCP

      Temperature transmitter,PC-programmable. Application: RTD, TC, Ohm, mV. 2-wire 4-20mA, galvanic isolation. Fault reaction: NAMUR NE 43. Mounting: head form B, DIN EN50446. UL listed. GL (German Llyod) Marine.

    • Order code TMT182-

      iTEMP TMT182, Head Transmitter HART

      Temperature transmitter, Protocol HART. Application: RTD, TC, Ohm, mV. 2-wire 4-20mA, SIL2, galvanicisolation. Fault reaction: NAMUR NE 43. Mounting: head form B, DIN EN50446. UL listed. GL (German Llyod) Marine.

    • Order code TMT85-

      iTEMP TMT85, Transmitter FF

      Dual sensor input. Advanced diagnostics: sensor monitoring. FOUNDATION Fieldbus protocol Galvanic isolation 2 kV. Application: RTC, TC, Ohm, mV. Current consumption: 11 mA. Mounting: head form B, DIN EN50446. Factory setup: CH1: Pt100, 3-wire, oC. CH2: inactive. Differing configuration optional selectable.

    • Order code READWIN-

      Readwin 2000 Operation + Read. software

    • Order code TXU10-

      Configuration kit TXU10-

      for PC-programmable devices. set-up programme+interface cable for PC with USB-Port.

    • Order code FXA195-

      Commubox FXA195

      Modem to connect HART field devices to a computer via USB. Commissioning of field devices with software tool. :: To connect to a intrinsically safe signal circuit. :: SIL2, IEC61508.