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Field Xpert SMT50

Tablet PC Field Xpert SMT50 ©Endress+Hauser

Universal, high-performance tablet PC for device configuration

The Field Xpert SMT50 tablet PC for universal device configuration supports various protocols, the Endress+Hauser service protocols and connection to Endress+Hauser Bluetooth field devices. Field devices can be connected directly via suitable interface, e.g. a modem (point-to-point) or a bus system (point-to-bus) or wireless (WLAN/Bluetooth). The Field Xpert software package is fast, easy and intuitive to use. Its device library has more than 3000 pre-installed device and communication drivers.

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  • Fördelar

    • Robust tablet with large 12" display and a battery runtime of up to 8 hours.

    • Touch-enabled device configuration software with a direct link to the Netilion Platform for optimized plant asset management.

    • Pre-installed device driver libraries for all of the...

  • Applikationsområde

    The Field Xpert SMT50 tablet PC for device configuration enables mobile plant asset management in non-hazardous areas. It is suitable for commissioning and maintenance. It manages Endress+Hauser and third-party instruments with a digital communication...

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Order code
    • Order code 71410549

      Microsoft Adapter USB 3.0 to Ethernet

    • Order code 71413421

      RFID NFC TAG Leser/Schreiber USB

    • Order code 71419778

      Viator USB-Hart Modem with PowerXpress

    • Order code 71452159

      PROFIBUS PA license for FieldPort SFP50

      License key to activate the PROFIBUS PA connectivity for the FieldPort SFP50

    • Order code 71452160

      FOUNDATION FIELDBUS license for SFP50

      License key to activate the FOUNDATION FIELDBUS connectivity for the FieldPort SFP50

    • Order code 71460208

      M12 cable for FieldPort SFP20

      Cable to connect the FieldPort SFP20 with an IO-Link device

    • Order code 71487035

      SMT50 - Office Docking Station

    • Order code 71487036

      SMT50 - Extra batt.high cap.6300mAh ≤8h

    • Order code 71487037

      SMT50 - X-Strap

    • Order code 71487038

      SMT50 - Power Cord EU

    • Order code 71487039

      SMT50 - Power Cord US

    • Order code 71487040

      SMT50 - Power Cord CH

    • Order code 71487041

      SMT50 - Power Cord UK

    • Order code 71487042

      SMT50 - Power Cord IT

    • Order code 71487043

      SMT50 - Power Cord ZA

    • Order code 71487045

      SMT50 - Power Cord AU

    • Order code 71504565

      SMT50 - Keyboard US Design

    • Order code 71504566

      SMT50 - Keyboard DE Desgin

    • Order code 71504567

      SMT50 - Positioner

    • Order code SFP20-

      FieldPort SFP20

      IO-Link USB interface FieldPort SFP20 for commissioning and maintaining of IO- Link measuring devices

    • Order code SFP50-

      FieldPort SFP50

      The FieldPort SFP50 is a HART USB and Bluetooth interface to configure measuring devices in combination with he Field Xpert SMT70/77, FieldCare SFE500,DeviceCare SFE100 and further FDT Frames. With additional licenses it is possible to configure as well PROFIBUS PA and FOUNDATION Fieldbus devices. It is useable in non hazardous and hazardous areas.

    • Order code SMT50-

      Field Xpert SMT50

      Rugged, high-performance Windows tablet 12.2" Multi-Touch Display for configuration, diagnosis + maintenance of field devices with dig. communication HART, PROFIBUS, FOUNDATION Fieldbus, IO- Link, Modbus + Endress+Hauser service protocols Bluetooth and Wifi based on DTM and EDD technology Device driver libraries for HART and FOUNDATION Fieldbus (iDTMs) and all Endress+Hauser devices are pre-installed Further device DTMs can be installed License: perpetual payware, full version single-station,multi-user,industr. cust. 1 year applicat. software update service