Turbidity sensor
Turbimax CUS52D

CUS52D is a smart inline/immersion turbidity sensor for all water production measuring points. ©Endress+Hauser
Lab quality measurement without product loss: The Turbimax CUS52D drinking water turbidity sensor. ©Endress+Hauser

Turbidity is the cloudiness of a liquid caused by suspended particles. This video shows how turbidity measuring principles work.

Turbimax CUS52D offers turbidity measurement according to ISO 7027. ©Endress+Hauser
Turbimax CUS52D immersion version ©Endress+Hauser
Turbimax CUS52D clamp version for direct mounting into pipes ©Endress+Hauser
Turbimax CUS52D is a sensor for all drinking water and process water applications. ©Endress+Hauser
Easy and safe sensor verification: Turbimax CUS52D with CUY52 solid state reference. ©Endress+Hauser

Easy and safe sensor verification: Turbimax CUS52D with CUY52 solid state reference.

Hygienic Memosens sensor for turbidity measurement in drinking water, process water and utilities

Turbimax CUS52D is a smart sensor with lab accuracy that allows unattended operation in all measuring points of your water production. Thanks to its hygienic, self-cleaning design, you can mount it directly into your pipeline. This way you will save on extensive bypass installations and avoid product loss. With Memosens digital technology, the Turbimax CUS52D combines maximum process and data integrity with simple operation. It enables lab calibration and simplifies predictive maintenance.


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  • Fördelar

    • Measuring results like in the lab: Highly accurate and reliable monitoring of your water quality – even at the lowest turbidity.

    • Turbidity measurement without product loss: Hygienic inline measurement preserves each drop of water in the process.

    • ...

  • Applikationsområde

    Turbimax CUS52D measures turbidity in:

    • Drinking and process water:
      - All measuring points from inlet to outlet of water plants
      - Abstraction and raw water control
      - All measuring points in distribution networks
      - All quality control points in water...

Funktioner och specifikationer



  • Mätprincip

    Single beam scattered light

  • Application

    Turbidity measurement:
    At all stages of the water treatment process, in inlet of waterworks, for filter monitoring and filter backwashing, in drinking water networks, in outlet of waterworks

  • Installation

    Inline Insitu, sensor with clamp, flow cell, sensor with clamp, retractables, sensor straight, immersion in open channels

  • Measurement range

    0.000 to 4000 FNU

  • Measuring principle

    Nephelometric turbidity sensor (90° scattering) according to ISO7027

  • Design

    Sensor, 40 mm, stainless steel

  • Material

    Sensor: stainless steel 1.4404
    Optical windows: sapphire, quartz glass
    O-rings EPDM

  • Dimension

    40mm design, hygienic Clamp-version
    320 x 40 mm

  • Process temperature

    -20 to 85 °C (0 to 185 °F)

  • Process pressure

    0.5 to 10 bar abs
    (7.3 to 145 psi abs)

  • Temperature sensor

    -20 ... 85°C

  • Ingres protection


  • Output


  • Additional certifications

    ISO 7027

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Tillbehör / reservdelar

Order code
    • Order code 71241882

      Kit CUS52D: 2x Sealing Clamp DN50 FDA

      For CUS50D, CUS52D, CUA252 and CUA262

    • Order code 71242180

      blind cover 2 inch

      For CUS50D, CUS52D, CUA252 and CUA262

    • Order code CUY52-

      calibration application CUY52

      Tool for verification and Calibration, CUS52D Solid state reference to verify senor function nearly backscattering-free vessel ::vessels for liquid calibration ::vessels for comparision measurments

    • Order code 71242201

      clamp welding in socket 2 inch 30mm

    • Order code 71242026

      Air cleaning head, CUS52D

    • Order code 71072583

      Cleaning unit, 230 V

    • Order code 71194623

      115 VAC 2 output compr.air cleaning unit

    • Order code 71242170

      Air bubble trap, CUA252

    • Order code 71247364

      Air bubble trap, assembly "S" for CUS31

    • Order code 71364586

      Kit CUS52D air bubble trap

    • Order code 71248647

      Sensoradapter: CUS52D for CYA251/CUA250