Portable automatic water sampler
Liquiport CSP44

CSP44 automatically takes water samples in wastewater treatment plants, sewage networks, etc. ©Endress+Hauser

The portable Liquiport CSP44 automatically takes water samples for monitoring of wastewater treatment plants, sewage networks, surface water and industrial processes.

The sampler offers user-friendly and lockable access to all connections and operating elements. ©Endress+Hauser

Access to the connections and operating elements such as the integrated Liquiline transmitter and the peristaltic pump is user-friendly and lockable.

Fully automatic sampling in water, wastewater and industrial applications

Liquiport CSP44 enables you to take samples anywhere. Its two-part design guarantees an easy and safe transport while the battery power option makes you independent from electricity. Liquiport offers menu-guided sample programming and tool-free maintenance saving you time in your everyday tasks. When upgraded to a complete measuring station, it enables you to get a comprehensive overview of the events at your sampling point.


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  • Fördelar

    • Can be used flexibly at any sampling point either with autonomous battery operation or via mains operation

    • 100% adaptable to any monitoring task from time- or flow-controlled sampling to event-controlled sampling

    • Lockable, separate lower part of the...

  • Applikationsområde

    Liquiport CSP44 is suitable for the following applications:

    • Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants:
      - Self monitoring
      - Process monitoring
      - Monitoring of indirect dischargers
      - Monitoring of sewage system

    • Authorities and water...

Funktioner och specifikationer



  • Mätprincip


  • Functions

    Portable sampler

  • Dosing system

    Peristaltic pump

  • Suction height

    8 m (26.25 ft) Suction height

  • Cabinet

    Plastic LDDPE

  • Distribution


  • Cooling

    Passive: crashed ice
    Freezer cartridge

  • Input

    Analog: 2, galvanically isolated
    Binary: 2, galvanically isolated

  • Output

    Binary: 2, galvanically isolated

  • Data logger

    Logbook for all data
    Sampling statistics

  • Power supply

    90 to 260VAC (charging/operation)
    24VDC battery

  • Dimension

    480 x 675 mm (dxh)
    (18.90 x 26.57 inch)

  • Weight

    19 kg (41.88 lb) with battery

  • Accessories

    Battery charger
    Suspension harness
    Suction line

  • Option

    M12 connection to digital sensors with Memosens protocol

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Tillbehör / reservdelar

Order code
    • Order code 71119008

      Kit CSP44: Hose pump: pump head

    • Order code 71387605

      Kit CSP44 pressure sensor accessories

    • Order code 71389506

      Kit CSP44 Battery cover with switch

    • Order code 71119017

      Kit CSP44: lockable latch with keys

    • Order code 71119013

      Kit CSP44: Downholder complete

    • Order code 71119007

      Kit CSP44: Rotary tap

    • Order code 71130809

      Kit CSP44: signal cable

    • Order code


    • Order code 71111864

      CSP44 Base + 1x 20 litre, PE

    • Order code 71111866

      CSP44 Base + 12x 2 litre, PE

    • Order code 71111867

      CSP44 Base + 12x 0.7 litre, glass

    • Order code 71111868

      CSP44 Base + 24x 1 liter, PE

    • Order code 71111870

      CSP44 Base + 12x 1 + 6x 2 litre, PE

    • Order code 71112221

      20 liter bottle PE + cap, quantity 1

    • Order code 71111178

      2 l wedge shaped bottle PE + cap, 12 pcs

    • Order code 71111176

      1 l wedge shaped bottle PE + cap, 24 pcs

    • Order code 71111874

      0.7 liter bottle glass + cap,quantity 12

    • Order code 71111878

      Kit CSP44 Base cover, transporting

    • Order code 71111880

      Kit CSP44 Freezer cartridge

    • Order code 71111233

      Suction line 10mm (3/8") ID, pvc

      reinforced braided, length 10m (32ft) + strainer V4A, 316(x)

    • Order code 71111234

      Suction line 10mm (3/8") ID, EPDM

      length 10m (32ft)+ strainer V4A, 316(x)

    • Order code 71111184

      Kit CSF48 Strainer V4A/316(x) 10mm(3/8")

      quantity 1

    • Order code 71114701

      KIT CSP44 peristalic tubing qty. 2

    • Order code 71114702

      KIT CSP44 peristalic tubing qty. 25

    • Order code 71111881

      Kit CSP44 Suspension harness

      for use in 500-600mm diameter manhole

    • Order code 71111872

      Kit CSF48 Lead-Acid battery 24VDC

    • Order code 71111882

      Kit CSP44 Charging adapter cable

      battery to powerpack/charger

    • Order code 71111883

      Kit CSP44: Battery charger indoor 230VAC

      90-265 VAC

    • Order code 71111884

      Kit CSP44:Battery charger outdoor 230VAC

      IP65, 90-265 VAC

    • Order code 51516983

      Commubox FXA291 (Hardware)

      Serial USB Computer Interface Technical Data: - USB Version1.1 or higher - Power supply via USB - IP51; NEMA/Typ 3 - Ambient temperature: -20....+60oC - Ex: II(2) G (EEx ia) II C - ATEX: BVS 05 ATEX E 095 Scope of deliovery: Commubox FXA 291 MS Windows USB driver Device is submitted for CSA/FM application. The device may not be modified and may be used with intrinsically safe circuits with corresponding characteristics only (see safety certificate).

    • Order code 71111879

      Retrofit kit distribution assembly CSP44

      (arm, drive)

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